The connection in the wake of a Pandemic.

There are many ways that you can view the current circumstances in the world, but at the core, I believe this is an opportunity for us to evolve. The changes that are being made each day leave many unanswered questions. While much of it doesn’t make sense, we still can choose to precipitate change through this.

Plain and simple, if we look at what is happening right now, cause can be traced to one core issue. Collectively, humanity is disconnected.

Disconnected from the actions they take, and the consequences of those actions.

Disconnected from how our actions and decisions are affecting others, and the world.

Separating ourselves from others constantly instead of using our opportunities, success, and talents to make even greater change. Stuck in the race to survival and getting ahead, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice.

So how do we create change? What’s the solution?

One word. Connection.

You have heard it before, it starts with each of us.

If we can be more aware of who we are being in the world we initiate a ripple effect.

Choose compassion over judgement.

Choose reflection instead of blame.

Choose victory instead of being a victim.

Choose 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life.

Let us reach out & help others to be empowered and do the same.

Let us recognize the interconnection of all life, of all humanity-that we need each other, that we are better together, that we are stronger together.

Let us use this crazy time in the world as inspiration to evolve.

Let's actually take action. Let's have hard conversations and do our part.

We cannot rely on others to lead this. It is time for us to step up.

Let us look at ourselves when it gets hard, and reflect on how we contributed to the hard.

Let us look past the obstacles and realize that our consciousness is contributing to the problem and our thoughts and feelings need to be dealt with.

Let us rise together.

Let us be very clear; every man, woman, and child of every color, from every race and every economic status gets a seat at the table.  

There is no place like home.

2020 has been a bit like the movie the Wizard of Oz, right?

Those ruby red slippers were everything though. Especially back then.

I love this movie for many reasons.

It highlights a major glitch in humanity's operating system.

The glitch is the wrong perception that we are stuck where we are.

The program sounds like:

" If only that person, situation or life circumstance could change then we would be ..."

"I can't do this because ..."

"I have to wait until ... to do what I really want to do."

Or as the scarecrow and tin man both said...

"If I only had a brain."

"If I only had a heart."

Then I would be able to be, do, and have all that I want in this world.

It’s a myth that you need something outside of yourself to achieve your dreams.

It’s a lie that external validation is needed.

Your success or happiness is not contingent upon external factors.

It isn't your fault that this is the default programming but it is your duty to make changes when you see a better way.

See the truth that there are attachments that you have and commit to making a new decision.

That is success without stress.

Remember "you have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."